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About Us

Get2Green is the award-winning environmental stewardship program for Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). It was formed by a group of FCPS principals who came together to share and explore methods for engaging in environmental stewardship activities in school. The Get2Green program has grown from the few schools that were involved in 2010 to now engage the majority of schools in FCPS.

The FCPS Sustainability Team, outlined in the graphic below, develops and implements division-wide sustainability goals, manages programs to facilitate and incentivize sustainable best practices and behaviors, and creates and maintains resources for going green in the classroom and beyond. Student-driven teams, FCPS employees, and the community contribute to Get2Green through the sustainability projects and initiatives implemented in schools and offices throughout the county.

Our Vision

FCPS will build our sustainable global future and foster a green culture by successfully engaging in best practices around environmental stewardship and teaching and learning for preK-12.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote student learning and action using the environment as a foundation. We will be model environmental stewards by investing in green infrastructure and resources, utilizing interdisciplinary environmental curriculum, and fostering community partnerships.

Our Goals

Our sustainability goals are aligned with the strategic goals described in Ignite, the FCPS Strategic Plan.  Click here to view our current goals. (pdf)

The FCPS Get2Green Sustainability Team includes members of Transportation Services, Safety and Security, Administrative Services, Food and Nutrition, Design and Construction, Facilities Management, Instructional Services and Cenergistic Transportation Services Instructional Services Facilities Management Design & Construction Food & Nutrition Services Admin Services Safety & Security

Why should I care?

The FCPS Portrait of a Graduate aims for every FCPS graduate to be an ethical and global citizen and environmental steward. Get2Green works in support of this vision by developing and implementing division-wide sustainability goals to guide stewardship work throughout FCPS. Climate change, natural resource use, pollution, air and water quality, and other environmental challenges are current issues that will continue to challenge future generations. Working on conserving energy, planting and caring for a garden, or reducing waste teaches students concepts and behaviors of environmental stewardship through hands-on learning and equips students to be future leaders in addressing environmental challenges. This work also lessens our county’s environmental impact, brings together the community in pursuit of a common goal, and saves taxpayer dollars. In a county of over 1 million people and a school division that ranks among the largest in the nation, the work FCPS students and staff do can make a big difference in improving our environment and securing a sustainable future.


About FCPS

Map of Fairfax County

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is a catalyst that transforms our community's most valuable potential - our children - and shapes a thriving future. We are the community's gathering place where, together, we foster creative thinking, a culture of caring, and lifelong connections. In our schools, students share a diversity of experiences that prepare them for success in a global society; teachers creatively challenge and inspire young minds; and parents actively engage in their children's future.


FCPS is the 10th largest school division in the U.S. with 198 schools and centers. We serve a diverse student population of more than 188,000 students in grades prekindergarten through 12, speaking over 200 languages. Over 31 percent of our total student population is Economically Disadvantaged; 14.5 percent are reported as Students with Disabilities, and more than 29 percent of students are English Learners. Demographically, 38.5 percent of FCPS students are White, 25.9 percent are Hispanic, 19.6 percent are Asian, 10 percent are Black, 5.5 percent are two or more races, 0.2 are American Indian and 0.1 percent are Native Hawaiian (source: 2018 Fall Membership by Subgroup as reported in the Virginia Department of Education School Quality Profile).


Nearly 92 percent of FCPS students graduate on time (in four years of high school), and more than 92 percent plan to pursue post-secondary education. FCPS students can take Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes in high school; the division offers the IB middle years program and the IB primary years program in select schools. The class of 2019 has 254 National Merit Semifinalists. Fairfax County high schools are recognized annually by education columnist Jay Mathews as being among the most challenging high schools in the U.S.


FCPS, the third-largest employer in Virginia, has 24,165 full-time employees, of whom more than 93 percent are school-based and 6.6 percent nonschool-based. Our FY 2020 Approved Budget of $3 billion is primarily funded by Fairfax County (71.3 percent) with contributions from Virginia (23.3 percent), other sources (3.4 percent) and the federal government (1.5 percent). More than 86 percent of the budget goes toward instruction, and the average cost per student is $15,293. The FCPS bus fleet is one of the largest bus fleets in the U.S., transporting more than 141,000 students on over 1,600 buses each day. FCPS has more than 27 million square feet of school buildings and office space, including 173 Energy Star certified buildings (more than any other school system in the country).