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Salad Bar

Fairfax County Public Schools Office of Food and Nutrition Services has partnered with Real Food for Kids™ to bring salad bars to all 141 elementary schools in the county. FNS opened the first 19 salad bars during the 2016-2017 school year and will phase in about 30 a year for the next four years.

Kids getting fresh food from the salad bar



Salad bars offer a variety of nutritious choices every day and encourage children to consistently build meals based on a foundation of colorful fruits and vegetables. Science-based research proves that changing fresh food access and availability in school settings has a direct correlation to wellness. Incorporating salad bars is a strategy that models healthy eating and reinforces positive behaviors.

School environments have unparalleled potential to impact the lives of students by utilizing service models that are conducive to healthy eating. Ultimately, salad bars have the ability to transform school nutrition since they provide the underpinning link between foodservice, nutrition education and wellness, the classroom and beyond.


Please scroll down to see which schools will be opening salad bars and increasing student access to fresh fruit and vegetables during the 2019-2020 school year, as well as other resources on the Salad Bar.


Schools with a new salad bar can send this Salad Bar flyer home to inform parents of the new cafeteria options for their child.






As FNS continues the 5-year rollout of Salad Bars, many FCPS elementary students are already enjoying fruits and veggies from their Salad Bar.  These schools received their salad bars in previous school years.


Salad Bar Implementation Schedule 2017-2018. Young girl sitting at a table eating fruits and vegetatables

School Region Opening Date
1 Oak Hill ES 5 9/11/2019
2 Spring Hill ES 1 9/18/2019
3 Belle View ES 3 9/25/2019
4 Mason Crest ES 2 10/2/2019
5 Greenbriar West 5 10/9/2019
6 Laurel Ridge ES 4 10/17/2019
7 Island Creek 3 10/23/2019
8 Forest Edge ES 3 10/30/2019
9 Silverbrook ES 4 11/20/2019
10 Centreville ES 4 12/4/2019
11 Woodburn ES 2 12/11/2019
12 Dranesville ES 1 1/15/2020
13 West Springfield ES 4 1/23/2020
14 Fort Belvoir Primary ES 3 2/5/2020
15 Westbriar ES 2 2/12/2020
16 Greenbriar East ES 5 2/20/2020
17 Lake Anne ES 1 2/26/2020
18 Olde Creek ES 5 3/4/2020
19 Forestdale ES 3 3/11/2020
20 Belvedere ES 2 3/18/2020
21 Haycock ES 2 3/25/2020
21 Fox Mill ES 1 4/1/2020
23 Cub Run ES 5 4/16/2020
24 Fairview ES 4 4/22/2020
25 Crossfield ES 1 4/29/2020
26 Fairfax Villa ES 5 5/6/2020
27 Kings Glen ES 4 5/13/2020
28 Churchill Road ES 1 5/20/2020
29 Armstrong ES 1 5/28/2020


  • Find teacher and student presentations, salad bar etiquette guides, and more in the Healthy Living Resource Folder
  • Sample Menu—please see Nutrislice once your schools implements to see revised menu.