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Get2Green Data Dashboards

The data dashboards on this website are provided in the Adobe Flash format which may not compatible with various mobile devices or screen reader systems. For the best viewing experience, please view the Dashboards from a non-mobile device browser. If you require the data in the source Excel format, please email and request a copy for download.

District Overview

Provides data for the district as a whole by year.



All Commodities


Commodity by Type


Trash & Recycling


Greenhouse Gas Emissions for past years





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Energy Data

Provides Utility information for each FCPS location. It contains the most recent data within a 12 month cycle as well as the energy use & cost profiles for the last 5 years.



Monthly Usage & Costs related to Electricity, Natural Gas, Sewer & Water


Total Energy Use & Cost for a 12 Month Cycle


Energy & Cost Profiles - Yearly Comparisons


Launch Dashboard (Energy Data by Location)

Launch Dashboard (Location Energy Details Map)

Open the FCPS Energy data dashboard

Recycling & Trash

When a trash or recycling dumpster is picked up from a FCPS facility, the truck uses two arms to lift the dumpster. As the dumpster is lifted, it is weighed. This data is recorded for each FCPS facility, sent to the FCPS Facilities department, and shared via the Recycling dashboard.


See if your location makes the "Top Recyclers" list in FCPS!


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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Provides greenhouse gas emission related data by location for a 12 month cycle.


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