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Process Steps in Learning Initiatives/Methods

STEAM PBL Get2Green MWEE Service Learning 5 E's Inquiry Guided Inquiry Design
Ask Driving Question Gather Data Issue Definition Identify a Need Engage Questions Open/Immerse
Imagine Need to Know Define an Issue/Problem Outdoor Field Experience to Gather Data Research and Make a Plan Explore
Collect Data
Plan Inquire Design an Action Plan Define Action Project Link to Curriculum Explain Identify a Question
Create and Test Create and Innovate Gather Data and Test Implement Action Reflection Extend
Gather Information
Improve Revise and Refine Improve Synthesis and Analysis Define Impact Evaluate Create New Learning
  Make Products Public Showcase Communication Apply learning Communicate

  • These steps are not always linear
  • These steps are often iterative

STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math
PBL-Project Based Learning
MWEE—Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience, Chesapeake Bay Program