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FCPS Get2Green is the environmental stewardship program for Fairfax County Public Schools.  This website was designed to share energy and recycling data, resources for implementing projects in schools and at home, and general information about the green initiatives underway in FCPS.

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Congratulations to FCPS on its 2016 Climate and Energy Leadership Award in the Educational Institution category for its Get2Green program!


Our interactive dashboards enable users to view resource use at all FCPS schools and centers. View Energy, Recycling, Greenhouse Gas or Eco-Schools information by location or district as a whole.
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As a result of Get2Green, FCPS has experienced an 11 percent reduction of greenhouse gases, a value in excess of 39,000 metric tons of CO2e; with realized energy savings of more than $8.5 million and an anticipated $95 million dollars in energy savings by the year 2025.